In the world of dentistry and oral health, there is a wide range of careers available to professionals of all different skill sets. One popular career is that of a dental technician. However, that title can include such a variety of tasks that it’s best to break it down further. These are just a few of the paths that dental technicians can follow!

Career Paths for Dental Technicians

Restorative Dentistry

Dental technicians most often work in the realm of restorative dentistry. The role of a technician is to design and create replacement teeth for those who are losing their natural teeth due to decay or trauma. It is important for the technician to keep comfort, usability, and aesthetics in mind when creating these restorative pieces.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Many patients are not losing their teeth, but instead are looking for cosmetic replacements due to crooked or discolored teeth. Dental technicians also work with these patients to ensure the replacement teeth perfectly match their desires as far as appearance and color.


For many patients, particularly adolescents, the placement of their natural teeth is painful or increases the risk for tooth decay. Many dental technicians work in the realm of orthodontics which seeks to optimize the function and appearance of existing teeth.

Key Skills for Dental Technicians

No matter what career path you follow as a dental technician, there are a few universal key skills that you’ll need.

Detail-Oriented Attitude

First, it is important to have careful attention to detail. Dental replacements are quite small, but it is vital for the features to be properly formed. Small deviations can lead to the implant not fitting properly in the mouth, negatively affecting a bite, or even being painful for the patient. Attention to the smallest of details is so important for dental technicians.

Dedication to Learning

Dental technicians should also be up to date on the most recent research in the oral health field. New information is always coming out regarding the best ways to make implants, as well as research on dental diseases that warrant replacement teeth. Keeping up with the newest trends helps ensure that the practice or practices you work with are up to industry standards.

Knowledge of Technology Trends

Finally, there are always new advances in technology that make both the design and creation of dental implants faster, easier, and more reliable. However, these might not be at the forefront of discussions on dental tech. Therefore, dental technicians should be well-read on the wider world of technology and manufacturing, not just the dental bubble. is a world famous dental information technology company, founded by Mr. Paul Vigario. specializes in areas such as dental technologies, digital workflow, marketing, dental cloud solutions, and HIPAA compliance.’s technology solutions are revolutionizing general, cosmetic, and pediatric dentistry, along with oral surgery, endodontics, orthodontics, and other specialized dental practices. At Everything Is Connected™