There’s no doubt about it; innovations in technology force industries of all kinds to redesign their operations. This is especially true within the field of dentistry. However, simply having the technology isn’t the only thing driving this change. More and more of the patients seen by dental offices are millennials who grew up in the digital age. This has led to a demand for more convenience in terms of being able to book appointments online as well as retrieve instantaneous information. So, you might be asking, what are the benefits of this change? Read on to learn the advantages of having an online scheduling program within your practice.


The dental industry is no different than any other industry out there. You will have competing offices within a city, hoping to lure as many patients as possible. This is why you see so many ads both on television and social media. Boasting about the experience of your office isn’t the only thing needed to win patients. You’re also going to need convenience. The reality is that most people don’t find joy in having to book a dentist appointment because it usually involves disrupting their day. However, by having online scheduling, you are taking that burden away from them and thus are more likely to sign with you rather than the competition.

Fills up Empty Slots

Speak to any dentists, and they will tell you that they will usually have a series of empty spots scattered around throughout the day. These are often there because patients who want to book are not readily available during those times, and thus these awkward spots in the day are not filled up. Through the use of an online scheduling program, you will have a higher chance of having these empty slots filled up. This is because people who may not have the time to wait for an appointment can clearly see a set of close time slots they can take advantage of. As you can tell by now, filling up those empty slots can increase your monthly revenue.

Reminders Made Easy

Calling a patient to remind them of their appointment can be time-consuming, and the person might not even pick up. Through an online scheduling program, this issue is almost not existent. Through the use of generated emails and voice mail, the patient can receive this reminder from multiple sources, thus decreasing the chances of no show. is a world famous dental information technology company, founded by Mr. Paul Vigario. specializes in areas such as dental technologies, digital workflow, marketing, dental cloud solutions, and HIPAA compliance.’s technology solutions are revolutionizing general, cosmetic, and pediatric dentistry, along with oral surgery, endodontics, orthodontics, and other specialized dental practices. At Everything Is Connected™