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Paul Vigario

Paul Vigario is the New York-based CEO and Founder of As a college senior pursuing his bachelor’s degree in Management/Computer Information Systems with a focus on healthcare technology at the University of Connecticut, Paul founded SurfCT, an international dental information technology firm. Upon graduating in 2003, he became president of the company. Since its foundation, Paul’s leadership and technical prowess has helped expand SurfCT from a company that serviced dozens of clients in the northeastern part of the United States to a company servicing several thousand clients around the world.

"I am proud to support SURFCT in helping their clients become truly UNSHAKEABLE. I admire Paul for his commitment to adding extraordinary value to dentistry as a whole…"

-Tony Robbins

With 15 years experience with technological development, digital strategies, and practice growth technologies, Paul Vigario has become a prominent figure in the healthcare field. Looking to meld both technology and healthcare, Paul has used his experience with technology to assist thousands of practices, doctors, and dental companies in their growth and automation. As society begins to become more automated, Paul hopes to help both patients and practitioners advance into the future and stay ahead of the curve in our new economy driven by ecosystems and automation.

Paul Vigario’s development and work with SurfCT ensures dentists have the technology systems that align with the needs of their practices. Through, Paul and his team develop custom technology based on dentists’ vision of their automated practices. Once the vision is laid out, the company provides IT consulting to integrate front offices, mobile hardware, and clinical treatment systems that are automated. After these services have been set up, SurfCT offers ongoing technical support and data protection programs to ensure the technology office design continues to run optimally.

Even as the field of dental technology continues to expand, SurfCT remains the leading Dental IT company and has seen worldwide demand for its innovation.

Paul Vigario has been sought out by many dental companies as an industry leader in digital software, integration, ecosystems design, automation and system processes. He was recognized for his skill set by many of the leading dental DSOs that require the ability to scale up and grow rapidly.

Having displayed a strong sense of proven applied knowledge, Paul Vigario has also been sought out by dental professionals, dental groups and societies, and dental schools to provide his insight. As a result, Paul has lectured at colleges and universities such as Nova Southeastern University, University of Illinois at Chicago, Stony Brook University, Tufts University, and NYU Dental. He has also served as keynote speaker, system design expert, adviser, and consultant at numerous dental meetings.

In addition to his work with SurfCT, Paul Vigario and his family believe firmly in giving back to communities. Paul serves on the Board of All-Star Smile Foundation, which has a mission to eradicate childhood tooth decay, and he also donates his time to youth health care programs, youth sports, and other nonprofit organizations.