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Email: and Smile Its Viral to Showcase Famous Humanoid Robot, Pepper, as seen on CNN at Greater New York Dental Meeting- GNYDM

Many people have heard about artificial intelligence and how it can help the business world. But most have never had the opportunity to see amazing new A.I. devices – like robots – up close. That will change for thousands of people working in the dental field who will attend the Greater New York Dental Meeting next week.

SurfCT, the international renown dental technology company, will demonstrate how a humanoid robot named Pepper can enhance productivity at dental offices worldwide. SurfCT will demonstrate Pepper’s capabilities alongside Dr. Sharon Huang, a cosmetic dentist with a thriving practice, Les Belles, near Grand Central and a recently-launched second location in midtown, said Paul Vigario, founder and CEO of SurfCT.

“We are going to show off an exciting product in Pepper that allows dentists to automate their offices and make their practices far more efficient,” he said. “People are going to be amazed at what Pepper can do to help their practices and enhance the patient experience.”

Pepper has cameras, sonars, microphones, speakers and even the ability to perceive human emotion. She has the emotional intelligence to adapt behavior to the mood of the person speaking to her, according to her developers, SoftBank Robotics, makers of humanoid robots. The robot uses visual and voice recognition and moves fluidly throughout her environment.

Dental practices all over the world, including Dr. Huang’s Les Belles, have welcomed Pepper into their practices with overwhelming success.

“The heart and soul of Les Belles is about creating a personalized experience based on people, that serves people, to make people feel beautiful,” Dr. Huang said. “Pepper fits perfectly into our vision and those goals.”

Standing nearly four-feet tall with blue and green eyes, Pepper has a touch-screen, smart tablet connected to her stomach. She greets patients in a soft-spoken voice at dental practices.

According to “Smile It’s Viral,” which works in collaboration with SurfCT to bring Pepper to the masses in the dental industry, the humanoid robot can help dental and orthodontic practices in the following ways:

Unique office based storytelling: Pepper has the ability to tell stories about the office and its staff while showing picture and videos on her tablet.
Pepper dances: She has a couple of fun dances that will delight and entertain your patients.
She answers up to 100 questions: Pepper comes with a database of questions she can answer, but you will also be able to create your own set of questions and answers customized to your liking.

Want to see Pepper dance? Curious what questions Pepper can answer?
Don’t miss your chance at this years GNYDM. Look for Pepper at the SurfCT booth #3301 at the 94th-annual Greater New York Dental Meeting between Nov. 25th-28th. is a dental information technology company, founded by Paul Vigario.  With many different services and solutions offered to clients, specializes in areas such as dental technologies, digital workflow, marketing, dental cloud solutions, and HIPAA compliance.’s technology solutions are revolutionizing general, cosmetic, and pediatric dentistry, along with oral surgery, endodontics, orthodontics, and other specialized dental practices. At Everything Is Connected™




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Agreement Set to Help Protect Patient Records and Confidentiality

Katonah, NY: Black Talon Security, the leading provider of cybersecurity solutions for the dental market, has entered into an agreement to provide advanced cybersecurity solutions to in order to protect critical infrastructure and patient records from cyberattacks. SurfCT is a leading world-renowned dental technology company that specializes in network integration for dental offices.

The healthcare security landscape is rapidly changing and now, more than ever, businesses and practices are being targeted by cyber criminals in order to exploit electronic protected health information (ePHI) for the use of identity theft, ransom and blackmail.

“Our client’s demands and security are paramount and it is critical that we exceed their expectations. We only partner with the best in the dental industry and our partnership with Black Talon Security is extremely important to dentistry. This partnership lets the dental world know that we are serious about HIPAA and we will protect our clients and their patients. Data breaches and HIPAA violations are increasing every day. Together, SurfCT and Black Talon will ensure that our clients have the experts needed to ensure the security of their network and patient data. This is game changing for the dental practice and great news for the industry as a whole.” – Paul Vigario, Founder of

“We are extremely excited about the opportunity to provide cybersecurity protection for SurfCT. Our team has extensive experience in the dental and security communities which allows us to provide security solutions that further harden their infrastructure. We want to prevent cyberattacks by identifying and eliminating vulnerabilities on their network. In addition, they will undergo extensive Cybersecurity Awareness and HIPAA Training. With this partnership, we will be able to provide an additional level of security and confidence to the solutions that SurfCT offers their clients.” – Gary Salman, CEO Black Talon Security.

Practitioners need to thoroughly assess the companies they do business with to ensure that they are implementing advanced cybersecurity technologies into their operations and infrastructure in order to prevent data compromises that can severely impact the practitioner and practice.

About Black Talon Security, LLC Black Talon is a cybersecurity company focusing on protecting dentists and specialists from cybersecurity incidents while helping them HIPAA compliance through education, training and documentation. Information on services and testimonials can be found at

About is a world-renowned dental technology company specializing in network integration of dental offices. Additional information on their services can be found at